What's New

What's New?



We are happy to provide delicious and nutritious menu choices daily for breakfast and lunch.   Our food service website will provide important food service information and helpful articles on nutrition.  This can be accessed from the home page of the district's website.   We are excited to now be able to provide “interactive” Menus!   You will be able to do the following: 

  1. Hover over any menu item and view the nutritional and allergen information
  2. Click on Nutrition, Nutrition Report Card, to select daily items and see total nutritional information for the day.
  3. Enter any allergens you are concerned with under "special meal accommodations" and the menu will automatically highlight in red, any menu items that contain those allergens. 
  4. Sign up on the website to have the monthly menu’s automatically emailed to you as soon as they are posted to the website!

    We hope you enjoy the new interactive menus.  As always we welcome your suggestions.  

     Have a wonderful school year!